19 May 2015

What To Do In Dubbo, NSW

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Lion cubs on display (Credit: Shallon McReaddie)

Lion cubs on display (Credit: Shallon McReaddie)

How difficult is it to find an activity that keeps the whole family entertained for the day?

Rated by Trip Advisor as the #1 Thing To Do in Dubbo, Taronga Western Plains Zoo comes recommended, whether you have kids or not. And at nearly 1,000 reviews, there must be some truth in it.

Still not convinced? It also just won a Silver Award for Best Attractionat the Australian Tourism Awards in April 2015. That should do it.

All sorts of wildlife

Because we’re less than 5km away from the zoo, many of our guests make the short trip south to spend a day (or two, as the ticket allows) to visit the zoo, learn about various species and surround themselves with wildlife.

And considering we’re talking about a zoo, Taronga Western Plains Zoo does keep the wild in wildlife, as much as is possible. Animals are given space to roam and fences are barely visible.

It also has a heart: with all sorts of education, conservation and internationally renowned breeding programs, Taronga Western Plains Zoo is doing it’s bit to protect endangered species.

Exciting news at Dubbo zoo

The Black Rhino is one of these endangered species, but there has been some good news at the zoo with the birth of a male Black Rhino calf born to mother Bakhita in April 2015.

Are you ready to see this energetic rhino calf up close? As Keeper Jake Williams says “he is full of energy and likes to run flat out around his yard first thing in the morning, sometimes venturing 15-20 metres from Bakhita before galloping back to her.”

Black Rhino calf and mum Bakhita (Credit: Rick Stevens)

Black Rhino calf and mum Bakhita (Credit: Rick Stevens)


Alongside the Black Rhino calf there was also the recent birth of three African lion cubs. With decreasing populations in the wild, African lions are classified as vulnerable and so the successful birth of these three cubs back in February 2015 is considered a major breeding success. ‘You can imagine how excited we are with these three new additions,” said Zoo Keeper Roger Brogan.

Some further additions to the zoo population are four elephants who last week moved over from sister zoo, Taronga, in Sydney. It shouldn’t be too long before we can all see these beautiful creatures up close, but first they need some settling in time, time to take in their new surroundings, familiarise and relax.

Relaxing holiday in Dubbo

And that’s what holidays should be about too: seeing new sights, doing different types of activities and relaxing to your heart’s content. Having a base is the first step, planning how to spend your time once you’ve arranged your Dubbo accommodation is likely to be the next step.

Maybe you want to do absolutely nothing but relax back in your holiday home, put your feet up, take a dip in the pool. And why not? Maybe you want to enjoy Dubbo town centre, amble along Tracker Riley Cycleway or sit amidst the tranquillity of the Shoyoen Japanese Garden. Sounds wonderful.

But if you want to go and do something, then – according to the 960 reviewers on Trip Advisor – the best thing to do in Dubbo has got to be Taronga Western Plains Zoo.