16 Apr 2012

For the Best Price Ask for Our ‘Best Rate Direct’

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Country Apartments has now adopted a policy of marketing on our website which we call our Best Rate Direct.  Before booking via other well known internet directories compare the prices.

We will guarantee our price will be cheaper and our rates are accurate to two minutes.

Making accommodation bookings on the internet is now so common  I wonder why more customers haven’t realised by contacting a property direct they will in many cases get a better result. If you find a property that is advertising a more expensive price on their own site then do the industry a favour and ask them why.

There is no logic why a property would sell for more on their own site when no commissions are associated with the sale. Did you know that many large corporate sites take all your money in advance when you book and then hold it for up to 6 weeks after you have checked out of the property?

I don’t think customers are thinking about the options available because they are conditioned by the spiel of the many high profile third party websites promoting unbelievable discounts. When you see some of the properties advertising such huge discounts you have to ask if the so called “full rate” has ever been achieved.

It is a simple example of bait marketing – double the price and then advertise a 50% discount.
The last minute phenomenon has truly died because all major players are now extending their booking window from the initial 7 days for distressed inventory out to three, six or twelve months.
If you really want a good deal, give a property a chance to sell at their Best Rate Direct. It’s the surefire way that you’ll get the best price for holiday accommodation.