18 May 2012

What You Can Do to Get the Best Accommodation Deals

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Country Apartments policy is to sell all accommodation at our Best Rate Direct so be aware we will add-on associated costs and fees when listing on third party accommodation directories.

There are so many accommodation websites now providing accommodation choices with the offer of discounts and deals but be careful and check you are really getting the best price before clicking the “Book Now Button”.

Not many of the high profile sites will give any direct contact details simply because they want to you to make the booking via their software.

You should make some effort to source out a properties own website before committing to a booking.

Why? Because when you book through a third party agent, the booking is with them.

They hold your funds for up to 6 weeks after you have left the property. If you have any changes and issues regarding your booking, you have to deal with the agent and not the property.

We are so passionate about promoting direct bookings with properties that we have built our own new directory and are in the process of populating the site with properties from all over Australia.

The site is called BookinDirect.com and is live in a test mode at this point. Over the next 6 months we will embark on a marketing campaign to attract more properties in many more locations.

Support the site and get the best accommodation deals in Australia.