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Are you missing out on the Best Rate when Booking Accommodation Online?

At Country Apartments in Dubbo, BookinDirect is a word and a valuable tool for finding our best available rate 

To receive the best reward when searching for accommodation you must have the best tools on hand. 

There is no doubt the internet is providing many convenient accommodation directories that give you many properties to choose from when looking for a place to stay. 

Known to the industry as Online Travel Agents (OTAs) they list many properties in nearly every location. Sadly the majority are now owned by two massive international companies.


OTAs are good for looking but not for Booking

Full of hype and promises of price guarantees are they really the best option? Their spiel is to convince you to proceed to their booking button and lock-in your choice. This is where the guest is missing out. The OTA business plan is to obtain a commission on the booking you make. Unfortunately that commission goes overseas and is deducted from the properties return on your booking.

Accommodation providers world wide are sick of the power OTAs have gained and the massive commissions they are charging per booking is eroding margins and in many cases is crippling small property owners. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking by booking via an OTA you are getting the best rate

The term Book Direct is now being used on most property web sites but the issue is, have you looked at a properties website before you book?


Let us take Country Apartments in Dubbo as an example. 

If you find Country Apartments listed on an OTA and you book you will pay more. Our policy is to add on the commission we will have to pay to the overseas multi-national company to our Direct Rate. The amount we add-on varies. Much more is added in busier times, like school holidays and less is added in quieter times, but the reality is it will always be more.

Use this Process to SAVE

  • Search for a suitable Property on any Accommodation Directory
  • COPY and PASTE the name of the property into your browser
  • Find the properties own website
  • Check their DIRECT RATE  for your dates
  • If its cheaper or equal make your booking 

In many cases a quick phone call to the property asking the question:  “Do you have a better rate if I book DIRECT?” will tell you if there is a saving.


Our Promo Code: BOOKINDIRECT is an Added Bonus  

In the case of Country Apartments we increase the saving by another $15.00 per night when you use our Promo Code. 

By using this process the result is the guest receives the best rate available. The properties rate of return is equal to what the guest pays and the only loser is the OTA.  

Help yourself save on accommodation by checking for a properties BEST RATE DIRECT when booking online.

Note:  If you would like more information to show you that booking online via OTA's can be a pathway to traps, misconception and fraudulent practices then read this article from the UK   

Why Hotel Booking sites can not be Trusted                                       

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