For the Best Price Ask for Our ‘Best Rate Direct’

Country Apartments has now adopted a policy of marketing on our website which we call our Best Rate Direct.  Before booking via other well known internet directories compare the prices. We will guarantee our price will be cheaper and our rates are accurate to two minutes. Making accommodation bookings on the internet is now so common  I wonder why more customers haven’t realised by contacting a property direct they will in many cases get a better result. If you find a property that is advertising a more expensive price on their own site then do the industry a favour and ask them why. There is no logic why a property would.. read more →

Let’s Get into this Blogging Business

We have recently revamped our web site and have been advised blogging is part of future internet marketing strategy. I am new to all of this but I am prepared to try an embrace this new form of marketing and sharing of information about our business. Country Apartments is our life and we have taken 20 years to develop it to what it is today. In 1992 we were managing the Countryman Motel which is located on Cobra Street and now adjoins us on the northern boundary. When you run a motel you are constantly asked if you have cooking facilities. Of course – because of council regulations – the.. read more →

12 Apr 2012
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